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Invisible, accurate intelligence indeed! Artificial Intelligence also widely known as machine intelligence uses the concept of human mind in solving various system related problems. Evolved since 1955, AI has been developed step by step and now is ruling worldwide industries and business.


Two major concepts in finding a solution are learning and problem solving. In machine language minimal amount of coding are highly prefer for solving complicated issues. This concept can help in restricting the memory size so as multiple problems can be resolved related to a particular business.


Handling any computer related problem includes stepwise reasoning, knowledge representation, accurate planning, learning, related natural language processing, perception and high ability to move or manipulate objects.  These are the same process that a human mind takes to handles a problem. Isn’t it amazing that the human and machine mind works in phase! And of course machines indeed are manmade.

AI uses specific algorithm to resolve various machine related issues. These algorithms are unique set of instructions that a mechanical machine can process and executed. AI plays a major role in knowledge representation. This may be executed by automated planning and scheduling, machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, machine perception, robotics, affective computing, artificial general intelligence and the list goes on.


Due the advancement in machine industries it is obvious that every system includes artificial intelligence. This AI system is highly effective in understanding human speech, in strategic gaming field, automatic automobiles, intelligent routing and in military simulations. AI system has spread its network in almost every single flied. Artificial intelligence has large impact on computer science, information engineering, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and various other fields.



Since the evolution of AI systems there were multiple approaches that were undertaken in testing and implementation of artificial intelligence in machines. Some of those approaches include;

  • Cybernetics: Many researchers have done exquisite work in finding connection between neurobiology and cybernetics. 

  • Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: This research have been started since 1950’s and yet has found an ultimate success in stimulating high level thinking in tiny demonstrated machine programs.

  • Cognitive Simulation: Researches were undertaken on psychological experiments which were used to solve complicated problems.

  • Logic based AI: Various people have undertaken effective testing in logic based AI which involved knowledge representation, planning and learning.  

  • Knowledge Based AI: The results of knowledge based artificial intelligence have led in deployment of expert systems.


Artificial Intelligence system has developed various useful tools that are used to solve highly difficult problems that are related to computer science.  Some of those wonders are;

  • Search engine optimization:  This is a trending application and most widely used digital method for solving various AI problems using simple algorithms. SEO uses two main key points that are planning and reasoning. Simple exhaustive searches are high efficient in proving AI key points or astronomical numbers which could solve any problems easily.

  • Logic Programming and automated reasoning: This concept is used for knowledge representation and problem solving. Some of the logic types include prospositional logic, first-order logic, fuzzy logic, default logic, non-monotonic logic and other.

  • Probabilistic Method: Researches have found cool methods for reasoning, planning, learning, perception and robotic issues that require the agent to process incomplete issues. These problems are solved using probabilistic AI method. 

The list is never ending for the tools that are encrypted with artificial intelligence system.

Due to its vast application and easy to go problem solving techniques, AI has spread its network in every possible field. Some of the major applications include in the field of healthcare, where in lot of health related machine programming are handled by AI systems. In automated finance and economics field, AI play a major role in solving various mathematics related issues and help in solving various problematic ledgers. Cyber security is one of the major applications of AI where customer or user information security is in high demand.

AI holds an upper hand in solving government related crisis which is a major application. It has marked an epic impact on law related professions also. The applications of AI can also be seen in video games, military, hospitality, audit, advertising, art and the list goes on and on.


These were the major impact and application of artificial intelligence in present era. The AI system provides huge solutions for almost each and every field and AI is always human friendly in nature. In Altorum Leren we offer high quality artificial intelligence consulting services. This effective advice in AI system helps you in improving productivity, business results and reliability. We aim in providing accurate technical know-how in terms of AI selection that lead to the leverage of your business.


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