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Interesting Concepts of Back-end Development

Designing software is like solving mystery case. In every layer of the case there is some interesting and challenging task. Back-end developing is an unseen task handled by developers who help in working of front end functionalities.


Any application or web services primarily consist of two integral parts frontend and backend. The internal function of the application or website is handled by servers, database etc.

Now let us explore the working and basic principles behind back end development. The key responsibility of a back-end developer is to program server side web application logic which help in integration of front end developing. The developers code the web services and API’s that are used by the front-end and mobile developers.

A backend developer writes server side code, code to the internet with a definite database and ensures that the code of server side is secure and free of vulnerabilities. The server side code should always be optimized enough to handle large volumes of traffic. The written logic helps in deploying the code online which the customers can use from your service.

To maintain a secure backend application the developer should be well versed in tools like recent technologies and framework languages. Backend developing mainly need enough knowledge of Internet, Networks and database. Database is where information is stored in a well sorted and accessible manner.

The coolest part of backend development include the IDE known as Integrated Development Environment allows you to write a code, edit and maintain the code. Some of the example for IDE includes Visual Studio Code(VSC), Sublime Text, Atom, Notepad ++, .Net Beans etc. When it comes to Browsers some of the well known browsers meant for backend development are Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other.

To process customer request and deliver data to another computer over the internet or application program computer server application software play a major role. This software manages access to a centralized resource or services in any network.

A back end development process can be broken down into four main components of software stack namely the server, the database, operating system and the software.  The combined effect of all these four entities yields accessible and highly secure back end process. Let us explore the working and application of all these components.


  1. Server: A server may be explained as a computer program that manages access to a centralized service in a specified network. It can be termed as lifeblood of a network. These provide shared resources to the network that help in working of networks. This includes file storage, email, databases, web services, security and encryption. The working of a server starts when you type a url(uniform resource locator) into browsers like Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc.back-end-development-services-providers
  • The url may be broken down into three parts that make it easier to deal with specific address. The protocol (http-hypertext transfer protocol) is a computer language which the browser and web server use to communicate. Next is the server name or the domain name that are linked to a numerical internet protocol or IP address. The third is the file name that may be files like images, computer language style sheets, fonts and other that are associated with website.
  1. Databases: It acts as a brain and help in making the website dynamic. When a user browses certain data the database takes responsibility of accepting the query, fetching the required data and delivering to the website. It has a wonderful feature of accepting new data, editing the data when a customer interacts with the website. The client will have all rights in changing the information in a database from the browser that may be when the user posts content to CM, uploading of social media images etc. The concept of middleware software helps in connecting an application’s front end to its backend. Middleware is server side software that connects client server and form a layer between server, database and the operating system. Middleware is a platform where web APIs can play into the stack and provides bridge between the business layer and the presentation layer.
  2. Operating System and software: As everyone knows the operating system supports basic computer functions. It communicates with the hardware and permits the programs to run. Some of the well known operating system includes Microsoft Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista and Windows XP), Chrome OS, and Apple’s Mac OS etc.

The programming languages and frameworks in backend developing has a wide variety depending upon the type of application, processing requirement and other components. Languages used in backend programming differ in file size, performance and the required code lines. Some of the backend scripting languages commonly used are object oriented programming language, Java, C#, C++, .NET, Perl, Scala, Django etc. These are the primary and important needs for the back end development. This together helps in storing and retrieving data into and from the network.

Let us understand the importance of backend developer and the ethics that result in creating highly secure and quality website accessing environment.

A backend developer should be well versed in programming and network knowledge to build a user friendly website experience. The other key concepts that a developer need to look into are;

  • Performance
  • Error handling and logging
  • Load Balancing
  • Security
  • Database design
  • Session handling
  • Database transactions
  • Optimized code
  • Network protocols like FTP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Background process
  • Multi threading
  • Asynchronous and synchronous calls etc.

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