Front-End Development

Front-end Development Process

A masterpiece in painting is created only with the fine strokes of a painter. Designing a webpage follows the same concept. It is an interesting practice of converting data to a graphical interface. To achieve these developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This helps customers or users to view and interact with the data.


For creating a user-friendly website or front end platform developers look into key points like utilizing available tools and techniques. There various tools and platforms for front end development, for example, WordPress, Magento, etc.  Now let us explore the necessities that are involved in the process of front end development;


  1. Accessibility: Firstly while designing the front end; the developer should research several users who are going to interact with any service or product. Accessibility is of great concern when it meets cross-browser compatibility. In this process some of the accessibility instants may be listed like;
  • What will the customer do if he/she does not have a mouse to operate?
  • How will the customer view your content?
  • What is the basic type of component developer is building?
  • How will maximizing font sizes in the browser impact on overall design?

With the advancement of mobile devices, designers should be careful in designing to ensure that the service provided in the site comes up correctly in browsers on all devices. This can e achieved by creating proper responsive web design using stylesheets.

  1. Responsive Design Concepts: To get adapted to various environments one should learn life skills. On comparing to the above example, variations and advancement in technology have yielded multiple series of mobile phones and desktops. The users and devices differ where there will a need for a quality responsive design. The main concerns will be on how the features work on different screen sizes. Some of the encountered feature-related questions include;
  • How will the feature look when it is viewed on a small screen?
  • What will the feature look like when projected in a large room or space?
  • How does the feature behave when the user tilts the screen or view in vertical or horizontal orientation?
  • Will the feature satisfy mobile users or laptop users?
  1. Performance: This is one of the major aspects while dealing with front-end designing. The performance of a webpage depends on render time where the customer can interact with an easy workflow. Proper functioning of a site or quick opening of the webpage can be designed effectively using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Main concerns of users that a front-end developer should look into are;
  • What are the features necessary to slow down your customers from completing a task?
  • How can you indicate users where they need to wait for a long time?
  • How to mask wait time and achieve better speed?
  • What are the best practices and issues related to the framework, library or methodology used to avoid optimization pitfalls?
  1. Consistency: this is an easier phase where consistency is managed during the maintenance phase or during the addition of new features. To maintain consistency of website clear style guide and a clear set of coding is necessary. Some of the concepts which need to be focused are;
  • The created feature is same as rest or not
  • Is there any new feature to be added to or any changes in the style guide?
  • Are the coding patterns clear and legible to the next user?
  1. Cross-browser Compatibility: This stage mainly deals with the browsers on which the developer is working and whether the design is working on other browsers.
  2. Security: Creating a secure user platform is one of the key responsibilities of a developer. To achieve these task front-end developers should be in sync with the back-end or server end developers. User inputs and data security play a major role in the betterment of a business. Some of the concerns which need to be looked into are;
  • How much does the created feature depend on user input?
  • What is the impact of the created feature on other features?
  1. Internationalization: This deals with the adaptation of your site with different regions and languages. Designing this point should support multiple languages at the same time by different users. One should also keep in mind that how your created feature affects the layout when changes its length. The translation of language also plays a major role. Developers should design I such a way that effective translating feature is added for user convenience. Front end developers must also solve cases like when a user types any idioms, slogans, or slangs which does not make any sense when translated literally.
  2. Usability/User Experience: All the above concerns when resolved yield an excellent front end design. As an end product user experience is what that leverages the service usability and business.

To be a successful front end developer one should be well versed in coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Key knowledge on operating platforms like Open Web platform and non-web platform environment is a must to design your front-end.


Web browsers are where a developer can retrieve, present and traverse data on. A browser runs on laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, etc. The most commonly used web browsers are

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge

Now lets’ go through quick refresh on headless browsers. These are browsers without a graphic user interface which can be monitored from a command-line interface programmatically for the requirement of web page automation. These browsers run on a command that can retrieve and traverse on web pages. The most used headless browsers are;

  • Zombie
  • Headless Chromium
  • Slimerjs

A front-end developer should always know the concept of webviews. Webviews are used by the native operating system, in an application to run web pages. It is like an iframe or a single tab from a web browser that is embedded in an application which is running on a device. Some of the common remedies for webview development are;

  • Cordova(for phone/tablet apps)
  • js(for desktop apps)
  • Electron(for desktop apps)

From above all knowledge, an excellent front-end design can be created. In Altorun Leren we offer high-quality front-end designing and development that help in satisfying your customer requirements thereby increasing website traffic.

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